• The Kids Eat Right International Campaign will support public education and programs that address the health concern of overweight/obesity among many of the world’s children.
  • The Kids Eat Right international campaign will provide members with resources that are international in scope. Through dissemination of these resources, campaign volunteers will be recognized leaders in childhood obesity prevention within their countries and will raise awareness among national populations of the need to help children meet their energy and nutrient requirements.
  • Consistent with the Kids Eat Right national campaign, all international campaign actions will aim to achieve our goals to:
    • EDUCATE key audiences about the necessity of a quality diet and the consequences of poor nutrition;
    • ADVOCATE on behalf of a quality nutrition approach to promote growth and development; and
    • DEMONSTRATE the food and nutrition expertise of registered dietitians (or similar professionals in another country) through educational programming and advocacy.

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April-May 2017  Healthy From the Ground Up

Abigail Navarro, MSc, RD, PhD Candidate

Israel  Read more…



  • First KERI webinar let by Jamie Wise and Abigail Navarro

    • Kids EatRight International:  Learn more abut the campaign and how to join
    • 22 International AODA members attended
  • EB4K Pilot Project in Venezuala

    • Relationship between children’s nutrition knowledge and their nutritional status:  The Evergy Balance for Kids Protocol in Caracas, Venezuela

April 2016 – Healthy From the Ground Up
Abigail Navarro, MSc, RD, PhD Candidate
Israel  Read more….



  • KERI Heroes asked to be featured on KER Home page in February

  • KERI logo created

  • Second call for Country Representation participation and support for KERI


  • Kids Eat Right International (KERI) approved

  • KERI Session proposed an accepted for FNCE

    • Going International:  Using Kids Eat Right to Address ChildhoodObesity – VirginiaTijerina Walls
  • Development of the Strategic Plan

  • First call for Country Representative support for KERI

  • Childhood Obesity Prevention Project in Mexico


  • Initial stages of strategy plan, budget, timeline, projects, grants and membership

June 2013 – Everyday Heroes
Vicky Tijerina Wallis, LN, MS, NC
Mexico  Read more….



  • Interest in a Kids Eatright International project was spearheaded by the 2011-2012 Board Members

August 2012 – Everyday Heroes
Camella Rising, MS, RD, LDN
Virginia  Read more…



September 2012 Everyday Heroes
Charmain Tan, RD, AD
Hong Kong  Read more….

Charmain KERI