• The Kids Eat Right International Campaign will support public education and programs that address the health concern of overweight/obesity among many of the world’s children.
  • The Kids Eat Right international campaign will provide members with resources that are international in scope. Through dissemination of these resources, campaign volunteers will be recognized leaders in childhood obesity prevention within their countries and will raise awareness among national populations of the need to help children meet their energy and nutrient requirements.
  • Consistent with the Kids Eat Right national campaign, all international campaign actions will aim to achieve our goals to:
    • EDUCATE key audiences about the necessity of a quality diet and the consequences of poor nutrition;
    • ADVOCATE on behalf of a quality nutrition approach to promote growth and development; and
    • DEMONSTRATE the food and nutrition expertise of registered dietitians (or similar professionals in another country) through educational programming and advocacy.

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Everyday Heroes

Be inspired by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Everyday Heroes as they bring healthy change to their communities.

June 2013 Everyday Heroes
Vicky Tijerina Wallis, LN, MS, NC

As a recipient of a Kids Eat Right Crew mini-grant, it was a very rewarding
experience for me to share the information in the Kids Eat Right toolkit promoting
healthy breakfast to elementary school children, and to observe how they learned
and enjoyed at the same time.

August 2012 Everyday Heroes
Camella Rising, MS, RD, LDN
I presented about Kids Eat Right as part of a session at a conference in Israel about childhood obesity, with speakers from Israel, Venezuela and the U.S. Many commented that they loved the Kids Eat Right gala video. I was happy to share something so inspirational with them. I think that we lit many fires! Now, we have much work ahead. Let’s keep up the momentum!



September 2012 Everyday Heroes
Charmain Tan, RD, AD
Hong Kong
I am a Kids Eat Right Campaign Member in Hong Kong and a recipient of the Family Meals mini-grant. I translated the Family Meals for Parent toolkit into Chinese, which will be included in our International Kids Eat Right Library. Using the translated toolkit, I conducted two parent sessions to Chinese audience, one in the United Kingdom and one in Hong Kong. During the events, everyone enjoyed the jacket potato, so my worries that they wouldn’t accept it was unfounded. Surprisingly, evaluation forms showed that many didn’t even know potato skins are edible! Salsa made with green and red pepper was also widely loved!

Charmain KERI