AODA 2017-2018 Candidate Information

The slate of candidates for AODA’s Board of Director’s election has been set. Please review candidate statements below and cast your vote here by February 22.

President Elect – Esther Myers

With the increased interest in global dietetics, the AODA has an important role to serve as a bridge organization for dietitians who live and work outside the United States or are interested in collaborating with those outside the United States.  After serving in the Air Force for over 25 years and another 13 years at the Academy, I believe that there is a tremendous opportunity for learning from each other and AODA is a key organization that provides many of these opportunities.  My past experiences and background will be helpful in identifying opportunities to enhance the work AODA is already doing and positioning it for a larger role within the Academy and with other international dietetics organizations in the future.


Treasurer/Secretary – Kristen Heitman

Ever since beginning my career in dietetics, I have been fascinated with the international field of nutrition. From different foods to cultural practices, I continue to learn and experience what a great field we work in. Over the past two years I have served as one of the Student Outreach Chairs of AODA. This position has allowed me to become familiar with our organization and team structure. During my term, I collaborated seamlessly with my fellow chair to implement and create bi-monthly AODA student newsletters, coordinate the gift basket for AODA’s international reception at FNCE, and increase AODA student membership to over double what it was when we started the position.

To continue my growth as a young professional, I am applying to the position of Secretary/Treasurer on AODA’s Board of Directors team. As someone who is very organized, timely, and possesses the leadership skills needed to fulfill this role, I believe I would be a great candidate for this position. I am very effective at various forms of communication, always respond to emails promptly, and excel at keeping records of paperwork. It would be an honor to serve AODA in this position for the next 2-year term. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Delegate to the House of Delegates – Naomi Trostler

We can-not ignore the changes that occur in healthcare, nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics, practice based outcomes research, documentation and implementation, as they affect the practice of nutrition and dietetics.The House of Delagates’ activity is, in part, to translate innovations into advanced level practice. As delegate of the international community of nutrition and dietetic professionals I shall support the Academy’s House of Delegates activities towards members’ leadership in wellness promotion, the integration of nutrition and dietetic professionals in new care delivery models using genomic technology and team approach, with international perspective in mind. I shall bring the international professional issues into focus in House of delegates discussions when appropriate. As an AODA board member I would bring back to the board, and through it fan to members, the decisions, suggestions and proposals for considerations and feedback. I will also be a contact to AODA members who would like to raise a professional issue with the Academy, follow through and report back.


Strategic Communications Chair – Joanna Cummings

The Academy recently announced moving forward with a new global vision for the future with the Second Century campaign. As the Strategic Communications Chair I would help AODA continue to be positioned at the forefront of the global nutrition movement. AODA is a positive force in the progress of solving the food and nutrition challenges in the world today. With our strong global membership representation, I believe AODA can help people, communities and countries flourish. Developing a plan, identifying new methods of outreach, and providing consistency and coordination while maintaining AODA’s high level of professionalism are goals if selected for this position. I believe strategic communications means communicating the best topics and issues with the best message that will continue to build AODA’s reputation as global nutrition leaders. Tactical steps such as utilizing the right media channels, measured against well-considered organizational and communications-specific goals are specific ways to reach these goals. Additionally, I strongly support positioning AODA in all materials and media outreach to maximize impact while maintaining focus not only where AODA will be in the next year but 5 years from now.

I am also interested in the newly created International Projects Chair. As the Country Coordinator and Instructor for the newly established Lao-American Nutrition Institute I am responsible for developing the curriculum and research projects for students. My keen interest in current projects and mapping how to best collaborate with other groups on projects I anticipate aligns with the responsibilities of the International Projects Chair.