AODA appoints Country Representatives (CRs), who serve as first points of contact for AODA and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics within their country.

What does a Country Representative do?

  • Serves as a local resource to integrate new AODA members into practice in the country.
  • Serves as an information base for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics/AODA regarding country-specific food and nutrition issues.
  • Serves as a resource base to Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics/AODA, helping field inquiries regarding practice & educational opportunities abroad.
  • Establishes relationships with key nutrition and dietetics associations and other relevant professional organizations.
  • Serves as a resource for referrals in collaboration with local dietetics professionals.

How can you become an AODA Country Representative?

  • Be an AODA member (Active or International), ideally living and working in the country of interest.
  • Know the nutrition issues in the country that you wish to represent.
  • Be ready to actively network with local dietetic associations and other nutrition-related organizations.
  • Be able to communicate regularly through e-mail.
  • Be willing to write quarterly reports on your work as the Country Representative.

If you are interested in becoming a Country Representative, please contact AODA’s CR Chair at


If you have a question about a particular country, please contact the relevant CR from the list below:

Egypt Mohamed Radwan
Ghana Laurene Boateng
Malawi Tessa Acker
Asia Pacific
Cambodia Kelsey Swalwell
China Liyan Lin
Hong Kong Charmain Tan
India Shilpa Joshi
Japan Melinda Seff-Boyd
Laos Joanna Cummings
Malaysia Mary Easaw
Phillipines Beatriz Dykes
South Korea Dee Dee Ugursal
The Caribbean Islands
 Barbados  Aloma Cassell
 Dominican  Republic  Dr. Anayanet Jaquez
Jamaica Patricia Thompson
Geremany Nicole Erickson
Greece Elena Paravantes
Italy Marta Rahm
Russia Maria Pastukhova
Scotland Emily Spees
The Netherlands Emmy Steiner
United Kingdom Kamelia Bujuklieva    
North America
United States Camella Rising
Middle East
Iraq Ahmed Chaloob Saddam
Israel Brigitte Kochavi
Jordan Tatyana El Kour
Pakistan Dr. Rubina Hakeem
Saudi Arabia Hebah Kutbi
Turkey Fusun Atayata
South and Latin America
Argentina Romina Defranchi
Brazil Ana Beatriz Rique
Mexico Virginia Tijerina Walls