The American Overseas Dietetic Association (AODA) is the international affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. AODA provides internationally-focused Academy members, Academy members living overseas, and other interested professionals an opportunity to establish professional contacts and obtain continuing education credits. AODA advocates for the international dietetics community and seeks to optimize global health through food and nutrition. AODA is positioned at the forefront of the increasing appreciation by the field of nutrition and dietetics for the need to focus on diversity and a global perspective.

Featured Member Profile

Bia Rique, BSc

Lives in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

AODA member for: 12 years

AODA volunteer position(s): Country Representative for Brazil

Professional expertise: Weight management, body image and nutrition behavior

What does AODA mean to you? “AODA has opened a new world for me. The network between several countries with such diversity has brought creativity and inspiration to my career.”